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Psychoterapia 4/2001

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Maria de Barbaro, Ryszard Izdebski, Wanda Szaszkiewicz, Krzysztof Szwajca

Specyfika systemowej terapii rodziny z problemem przemocy            5

The specificity of system therapy in a family with violence problem            5


The paper concerns the therapeutic work with families, in which the violence is – sometimes for a long time – present. The authors’ reflections concentrate on specificity of this kind of therapy, its particular dangers and the tasks for a therapist. The authors’ own model of work with such families is presented, enriched by a case study.


Semion Gluzman

Nadużycia w psychiatrii w czasach sowieckiego totalitaryzmu            17

Abuse of psychiatry in time of Soviet totalitarianism            17


Psychiatry abuse for political reasons used to be a system in the territory of former USSR. At the present time, some confidential documents of CPSU Central committee as well as KGB documents, confirming deliberate utilisation of such psychiatry practice have been published out. After collapse of the USSR, new independent Ukrainian legislative body has promulgated a law, concerning tthe rehabilitation of political repression victims from the Soviet period, including psychiatry abuse victims.

Phenomenon of psychiatry abuse for political aims consisted of two components: Soviet psychiatry paradigm willingness for such an aberration, and the authorities’ readiness to use psychiatry as a repressive deterrent. There are no exact statistics of psychiatry repression victims in Ukraine. The reasons are both objective and subjective factors. Apparently, during all the years of psychiatry repression, many thousands of Ukrainian citizens suffered. Contemporary researchers of this sorrowful phenomenon looked at about 200 persons. Preliminary results of modern researches will be a subject of this message.


Jacek Bomba

Święty Franciszek — problem dla psychiatrii            29

Saint Francis — a problem for psychiatry            29


The paper presents the author’s reflections on the difficulty in using the modern psychiatry criteria to assess the Saint. Purely descriptive criteria do not seem sufficient. The socio-cultural context he lived in is not satisfactorily understood. Saint Francis is presented as a patient, as a caregiver and as a psychotherapist. The article leads to the conclusion that it is not crucial whether Saint Francis was mentally ill or not; more important is that his radical protest has been accepted. Yet another problem pointed out, important for a psychotherapist, is a deep and honest acceptance for the other.


Andrzej Wierzba

Schizofrenia, inicjacja i współczesność            35

Schizophrenia: initiation and the present time            35


This paper contains a different conception of schizophrenia and it short history. Compare problems of initiation with psychopathological of schizophrenia. It is a reflection on the relation between archaic state of psyche and contemporary psychology.


Józef Bogacz, Volkmar Sippel

Terapeutyczno-rehabilitacyjne walory górskich obozów wędrownych            49

Therapeutic-rehabilitation attributes of trekking camps            49


The paper describes and reflects on two trekking camps with the participation of patients who were in an environmental treatment program for schizophrenic patients. The specific value of this type of camps is the fact that they give a feeling of togetherness in mountain trekking in a group of patients and therapists. This formula of a camp is the possibility to gain valuable experiences in the process of rehabilitation. Trekking gives a chance to measure up to various discomforts on the way, try out one’s possibilities, experience one’s own ability to reach the aim. The various roles in the camp life also have a therapeutic meaning. All this is experienced with different camp participants, with their participation and at times also help. Additionally, in one of the camps, a group of German patients and therapists participated, which made the therapeutic potential of the camp all the more valuable in the necessity to cross language barriers and overcome different prejudices present in both national groups.


Andrzej Zięba, Izabella Horbulewicz-Mokrzycka, Dominika Dudek

Komunikacja z chorymi na chorobę Alzheimera            59

Communication with Alzheimer patients            59

The aim of this paper is a presentation of optimal good communication in families with an Alzheimer patient in which effective understanding and positive reactions of family and a patient is very important. The presented form of communication — through understanding the patient’s words leads to proper functioning of a patient and his family.


Iwona Woźniakowska

Metoda dra Moshe Feldenkraisa. Świadomość ruchu    65

The Feldenkrais method®. Awareness through movement®            65


The aim of this article is to present Moshe Feldenkrais and his method. The author has gained many positive experiences and impressions from this therapeutic technique.


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